How Do I Make My House Smell Good

Everyone want their houses to smell good and take the bad smell out of the equation. When you open the door of your room, you want to smell pleasant and comfortable. However,  there are many people whose houses do not smell good, and you smell your grandma old clothes smell in the room. There are many ways you can make your house smell good.

Many of you guys prefer to use refreshers to make the house smell good and pleasant. However, what if your house is smelling bad because of old goods, unwanted things or expired products. That can be a cause too, and we will show you how you can make your house smell good and fresh.

How Do I Make My House Smell Good?

Get Rid Of Expired Products

Many families like to stock things up so that they never run out of the needed things. Sometimes among those stocks, there is a product which has expired long ago. When a product is a way past its expiry date, it will start to smell bad and spread the smell in other rooms as well.

First, make sure that you are tracking the expiry date of the products then make sure that you are removing the expired products from your house.

Air Vents

When it comes to the bad smell, you have to begin to work on the removal of bad smell. When a room smells bad, there have to be two reasons, one either you have something which requires immediate attention or your air vents are not functioning properly. Now double check if your Air Vents are working properly and keep it clean.

Keep The Garbage Outside

There are many families in the states, who prefer to clean the garbage by the end of the day but that can also be another cause of the foul smell. Always keep the garbage outside, do not wait till night for the garbage to come at one place. Garbage nature is to smell bad after few hours of its expiration and all of the foul smell mixed when they meet at one place. I’d rather recommend you get a good garbage disposal system for your home. If you haven’t bought on before, I’d recommend you to read some garbage disposal reviews before making the buying decision.


Laundry is one of the noted reasons for the bad smell. There is always one in the family who does not follow the rules and when he or she come back from the school, college or work and then throw stinky socks, clothes and coffee spilled shirt. When all of the clothes come together the mixture of bad smell will become ultimate environment. It is wise that to keep the laundry outside.

Use Refreshers

Once you are done with the cleaning of the house or the source of the smell then you are allowed to use the refreshers in the house. You don’t to mix the nice smell and the bad smell together. Make sure that you have followed all of the rules, which i have explained it to you.

If you have the budget for it, I’d also recommend getting a robot vacuum cleaner that runs in the background and keeps your room free from dust and dead skin accumulation.


Cleaning the house is the first step to make it smell good and then using the refreshers to spread the pleasant environment. What do you think of the list we have prepared? Do you think we have missed something? Let us know in the comments.

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